Grandparents – A Blessing For All

“Grandparents are someone with silver in their hairs and gold in their hearts”



How lucky are those who got to spent some time with their grandparents?I was half lucky in this.I had seen both my maternal grandparents and my paternal grandma. I was in fact very attached to my maternal granddad before he passed away when i was in my 9th std.He is still my idol.I always wished he had seen my son or my son was as lucky as me to have  met him.he was the most caring, giving gentleman i have ever met.i still tell my hubby …if my granddad was there, things would be so much different now.etc etc.

My son Riaan shares a special bond with both his maternal and paternal grandparents, which i feel is a real blessing for him and us.




I sometimes feel  jealous when i see what my son enjoys being around his grandparents…its a feeling of being so much-loved and cared for…something which only grandparents can give.Grandparents are pillars of a family.They bind the older generation to the younger generation.


I have so many memories of my grandparents role in my life but did i really appreciate it  enough at that time?May be not, But now i really cherish the relationships i had with them.My grandparents have enriched  my life in many ways.They helped in adding depth to my life , understanding what life really is..life is a circle….understanding my traditions, my roots etc.

I always believed having a grandparent around to watch over your child is ablessing.so much of support . love and understanding you ll get from nowhere else.

What grandchild receives from his relationship with his grandparents

  • Gets unconditional love and care: grandparents love is lot more simpler, warmer and cozier and less complicated than that of the parents love.
  • someone the parents can always trust to leave their child with:i personally only trust Riaan grandparents are the best people to take care of him when i am not around.
  • someone to talk to: now a days parents are too busy to listen to all their kids issues etc,that is where the grandparents come to rescue.Child feels very secure and safe to discuss any personal issues with the grandparents.
  • companionship
  • someone to stand beside him: no matter what mistakes or mischiefs the child does, it’s the grandparents who ll stand by the child.
  • family traditions: traditions are worth preserving and grandparents help a lot in passing on the family traditions to the grand child.they give the child a family identity that he can relate to.
  • learns about his parents childhood:hearing stories about parents childhood gives a better idea of your roots .
  • mentor to solve all his problems: as grandparents are more relaxed and stress free they have more patience to teach the kids , listen to their problems and solve them too..
  • wealth of real life experience to share: grandparents will have a huge store of stories from their lives to tell their grandchild… stories of tradition, love , hardship, friendship, success, failure etc . Each story gives the child a new perspective to look at things. The child learns from their lives.
  • Bridging the gap between old any younger generation:the gap between the old and new generation is the main reason for misunderstanding between the two age groups which leads to a social division in the society . Only if a child has a good relationship with his grandparents will he be able to build a stronger understanding  and respect for one another.


Grandparents are very important in our lives for imbibing great values in our kids.Latest research says its the best having a grandparent around the child which influences the physical and mental health of the child .

Grandparents are indeed a blessing for the child and everyone around.


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Thank you Anisha from momzdiary   for introducing me. I also want to invite another wonderful mom Sharvi to hop onboard this train.Sharvi is mom to Baby Ovi. She is a former hotelier and a coperate trainer.She also does interior designing and blogs about her love for planning…all this while parenting her 2yr old .Sharvi is a multifaceted momma who makes parenting looks fun and easy. She is enthusiasitic  about everytning around.Check here  to know what her views on this topic is .

Childhood Memories- Vettu cake / Malabar tea cake

This photo was taken when Amma made this cake for Riaan for the first time..The cake tasted even more delicious since she added a secret ingredient for her grandson….love!

​This this something you ll find in all the chayakadas(teashops) in Kerala mostly Norther or malabar kerala.

Since childhood i have seen my ammamma ( grandma) make this for tea.

Since we were in Muscat i longed for this cake. Amma(mother) was not good in this cake making when i was young..now my mom is an expert. my mothers two sisters sreeja aunty and vimala muthamma (eldest aunty) will prepare this in batches when we come to india. we used to come down during the rainy seasons to Kerala. I love this cake and tea with rain…its a tradition in our family now to make this cake during the rains. If its raining and you go to any of my moms siblings home …u ll be greeted with hot tea and hot cakes.
If u come to visit Kerala…must try this!



500 grams all purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon ground cardamom

1 teaspoon salt

2 large eggs

250 grams confectioners sugar

Approximately 1/2 cup water

Oil for frying


In a bowl,whisk together flour,baking soda,salt and ground cardamom

In another bowl, beat together eggs and sugar until pale and fluffy. Add the flour mix along with just enough water to form a tight / stiff dough. Cover the dough with a damp towel and set aside for 1 hour. Divide the dough into 4. Roll them out to form a cylinder. Flatten it out and cut out 1 inch squares or triangles.

Heat oil  on medium heat and fry them till they are golden brown. Drain on paper towels, cool and store in an airtight container. It will stay fresh for 2-3 weeks!

Try this at home. I am sure the kids will love it!


Cloth Diapering In Style 

Riaan is wearing superbottoms cloth diaper in indian motifs

Frankly,I was not a big fan of cloth diapering.  I found it too cumbersome and boring…the plain white or colored cloth didn’t seem to impress me at all. Hence I preffered using the disposable diapers since my son was born.I am not the cloth diapering kinda momma at all.My MIL is a big fan of cloth diapering and my son usually remains naked below when she is around..

Superbottoms Cloth Diapers caught my eyes when I saw a fellow bloggers post, in one of the social medias…it looked so cool on the baby and looked so comfy too.

So just for the different style and for one or two photos of my son in it I wanted to purchase it. So i ordered Superbottoms cloth diaper online and within two days i received the item.

The very moment i got my hands on them i loved them. The designs were super cute ,colorful ,bright and so cheerful.The material felt so soft .So i knew this product isnt going to get shelved after the photo session.

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super cute packing

Since that day we  broke the non cloth diapering parenting thing and became cloth diapering fans. Riaan spends his adventurous days and long nights in Superbottom cloth diapers. My son literally lives in them now.



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superbottoms plus reuseable all in one(AIO) cloth diaper for heavy absorbancy

What I loved about Superbottoms Cloth Diapers :

  • Superbottoms is Indias first and only tested and certified cloth diaper brand as per US standards.
  • Super trim crotches
  • The quality of the fabric is really good keeping the baby comfortable always
  • Beautiful range of patterns and designs to choose from
  • Its complete leak proof up to 8 hours and more , we use it whole night without any leaking.
  • It has dry free fabric keeping baby’s bum soft and dry always.
  • One size fits foe all, so you don’t need to keep buying them as baby grows, hence expense is much lesser than normal diapers.
  • Available in all  sizes , from new-born to toddlers.
  • Can be easily washed in washing machine or by hand
  • Dries easily too
  • No fading or fabric color transfer during washes

WILL I RECOMMEND:YES,I will totally recommend this Superbottoms cloth diaper to all mommies .



Where to Buy Superbottoms Cloth Diapers:


To know more:



Every mom in town carries wet wipes with them in their diaper bags . Wet wipes has become so important that no mother leaves home with the baby without wipes in the bag.With endless diapers to change the right baby wipes are important purchase for parents everywhere.

Personally I cant survive a single day without wet wipes. I use them when my baby poops, vomits,spits out food, gets his hands dirty etc. I even use them to clean my hands when i am outside, i sometimes remove my makeup with it too,even i clean my phone too….i practically use them for all cleaning purpose.So I use around 2 pack of wipe in one week.Until now i havent thought how much i use this stuffs. so imagine how many moms like me are there around the world who uses wet wipes on daily basis and tosses them off.we only know till we toss it off at home…what excatly happens after that.???

Most of the Wet wipes are really bad for the environment and human health.Wet wipes are disposable but do not magically disintergrtae.Do you know they contain plastic fibres that are not biodegradable. we use them and toss them…but they are simply shuffled off somewhere else , out of sight and it end up creating havoc in the enviromnent.Do you know what happens to animals when they eat these plastic fibre containing wipes ….yes they die!!!I cant imagine for the past one year i have been contributing to this environmental havoc too!!!! I feel so guilty.

wet wipes also contain preservatives and fragrances which are harmful for the soft sensitive baby skin.

So do we stop using wet wipes completely???or do we make wipes at home with fennel cloth??is it really convienent to do that?? for me it’s not!! I cannot live without wipes especially when i take my baby outside.i cant even make wipes at home and wash and scrub it clean the next day, or how can we use a cloth wipe when outside and since you wont dispose it , you will have to carry it back home and wash it..how awakaward and inconvenient it is.

But now you don’t have to make wipes at home nor you have to stop using them because INDIA’S FIRST ORGANIC BAMBOO BASED WIPES BY MAMAEARTH IS AVAILABLE NOW.How great is this??


What I liked about mamaearth baby wipes:

  • It comes in a cute white blue package .I loved the lil owl in the front.

  • it comes with a resealable lid, which keeps the wipes moist and fresh after opening

  • Its MedSafe certified.
  • Its hypoallergenic  and pediatrician tested.
  • 100% organic bamboo cloth,hence no rashes.. it’s so soft in texture and it has the right amount of wetness not too dry nor too soapy.
  • Its enriched with natural toxin free organic extracts including  vitamin E , Shea Butter, Almond oil and Aloe vera.
  • Its earth and environment friendly. Its biodegradable.
  • The wipes are thick and more absorbent.
  • It can be used on face, bum and hands.
  • Price is pocket friendly too . Its Rs 249 for 72 wipes/1 pack that s Rs 3.45 per wipe.

MY EXPERIENCE :I have been using mamaearth wipes since a week and i loved it. It is easy to use, soft texture and the right amount wetness and moisture makes it easy to clean. The fragrance is fresh which is also one major aspect i look at when buying wipes. No rashes or allergic reactions when used. I dont feel guilty now in using lots of wipe as this is degradable.

My rating: 10/10

Will I recommend: Yes i Totally recommend. Its baby safe and environment safe too.

Where to buy: FirstCry :http://www.firstcry.com/m/Mama-Earth/mamaearth-bamboo-based-baby-wipes-72-pieces/1717685/product-detail?sterm=Mamaearth%20wipes&spos=2&sstock=1

To know more: http://www.mamaearth.in




Motherhood is the most beautiful journey in a women’s life.Its a journey that many women are either embracing or on the way or dream about embracing. Motherhood was one dream I was sure i wanted to fulfill.Being a mother is a wonderful experience,which cannot be expressed in words, you need to be a mother to know how beautiful it is…how light and happy you will feel.Being a mother changes who you are. Truly a bliss filled journey .

Motherhood is not a job nor is it a sacrifice but an honour , a privilege and mostly a blessing. I don’t believe being a mother is a non paid 24×7 job.I feel its the most selfless act  from a women.we dont actually sacrifice anything we just prioritise..even if we did we get back happiness that’s more valuable than all the sacrifices we have made for the baby.

Yes, for this child I prayed my heart out. Becoming a mother was not that easy for me. I had lots of hurdles between me and motherhood. I had two miscarriages due to cervical incompetence before having my son. Until my pregnancy I was blessed through out my life with great childhood..education..life partner..in laws…over all complete happy life…but with my pregnancy my blessings stopped.God decided to break off with me for sometime just so that i  realise how important being a mother is…After i had realised and prayed God blessed me with my rainbow baby boy who bought back all the happiness and joy in to my life. He makes me feel alive .Each day i count my blessing which is more today than yesterday and even more tomorrow than today…

Motherhood has changed me a lot. From the time my son Riaan was born i am no longer the older me.I am a lot better person than i was before(not that i was bad before).Having my son gave new meaning to my life.

The moment I heard his cry for the first time, i knew there and then my life has changed forever. I am no longer just a woman, a doctor to the world but i am a” Mommy”.Motherhood gave me this new identity which i proudly flaut…way better and achieved harder than just being a Doctor.

Motherhood has made me see life in a new perspective. I started appreciating smallest of the smallest things .Life suddenly has become worth living forever. I now want to see my son grow,his family and be there for him always.

I am a more positive person. Each day I wake up to  his big eyes,chubby cheeks, smile,giggles and my fav fluffy bum!…what more do you want to make your day happier and filled with positivity. The most amazing sound in the world is my sons infectious laughs.I don’t see the bad in anything anymore..but instead i see what i can do to make this better.

I am an abyss of patience now. This is not my find but people who surround me has described. I remember getting angry with my mom for the silliest reasons I could find. I used to get irritated for everything, but now i have so much patience.i ve learned to let go.


Now I understand , appreciate and love my mother more. I now know what unconditional love actually means. Mothers love is so different from any other form of love .It’s so pure and makes your heart beat faster and burst with all the love.I have never had my heart filled with so much love that it ll burst anytime.When i see my son laugh or giggle my heart smiles too..its a feeling that all mothers can relate to.

Something that was gross and gag inducing is no more gross.Smell of poop or seeing a soiled diaper used to make me nauseous before i became a mother. Now it’s so normal. Now if Baby pooped,or vomited its just clean and toss.I dont even feel disgust even when i see other kids do it too.

Before motherhood I was never a children friendly. I used to find it irritating when a baby cries in a flight etc.I used to find kids naughty, fussy, stubborn and messy…but now all the children of the world has suddenly become mine. I now sympathise with the mothers and love all the kids to bits now.I find them cute, silly , adorable….

Messy and no make up is my new style mantra.  After my son was born I don remember a day i don’t sport a messy bun and no make up look..in fact i was always in this.I am a fashion and make up lover. Before motherhood i never left my house without make up.

I don’t need Jimmy Choo just any shoe is enough now. I was obsessed with   shoes or any kind of footwear collection.I used to choose my footwear according to my outfit before, but now i am always in a flip-flop be it shopping, hospital visits , park or home .Gone are the days when shoes or footwear ruled over me.

Now shopping was more about my baby. His comfort and fashion mattered. For myself its jus some dress which doesn’t flaunt my flabs will do now.Gone are the days when shopping was fun, hours long and exciting.I must have spent half of my 20s in shopping malls.Now there is no time..baby needs to sleep…he needs to be fed..he is not comfortable …all these mattered more than my attire.

Timeline has changed so much now. Before becoming a mother i could get ready and leave home in less than 15 mins time, but now i need to feed the baby, clean, cloth him, prepare his feed, pack his stuffs, take his stroller, put him in , he starts to cry …take him out …pacify .again put him in…then leave home. I can’t leave home with a baby without at least 1 hour prior notice.Now i can even shower in less than 5 minutes time…

Future is more important now. Before motherhood I used to live for the moment. Now i am concerned about budgeting  and saving money for the future…I now worry about spending unnecessarily.

Life is no longer me now. I now have a constant round the clock companion…my son. He there when I change my clothes,bathe, use the bathroom,  cook, clean, read, eat, go out, everywhere…he is with me . Now my world is him and his mine. I have no me time …but i love and enjoy the us time more.

I love moms company more than my unmarried or not yet mom friends. I can totally relate to moms,  even they find it easy with me. I have nothing to share other than my parenting stories,  my mess, my poop stories etc.I cannot imagine having to discuss my baby’s poop story with my other unmarried or not yet mom friends..they will stop seeing me .

Holidays are also baby friendly now. Before the baby it was over night decisions,  packing and we are on vacay! Now its more complex.i am no longer carefree and never take weekend trips on a whim. We need to see if climate suits the baby..travel time..place..how many days…etc etc etc.So in short less vacay or no vacay.

I am more confident and feel so beautiful inside.I don’t hide my c-section scars anymore..they are memories tattooed forever …i am proud of my stretch mark..it shows how strong and beautiful my body was to make a life and nurture it inside me.I know i am a confident and an amazing mother.

Now I dont expect people to show gratitude or appreciate my parenting ways or me spending my time and energy on the baby. I know being a mother is an invisible job.No one will appreciate or care much about me …but why bother when i know for this  sweet Lil  human, I am the only thing that’s visible.

No sleep mode is on since I became a mother. I must have hardly slept through out the night ever since..but i have no complaints…i know all these sleepless nights are worth a lot more.More than me sleeping..babys sleep is important.I am more like a mombie now.
Multitasking is my forte now.I can cook clean , baby care, eat all at the same time.I can study while holding him to sleep… I can feed a baby and post and comment on instagram at the same time..ta da….I can cook and play with him …i can catch a falling child and sip my coffee at the same time…i have perfected multitasking.

I love my life more than I did before. For the first time i am truly content.i lost myself but found a newer me that i am happier and more content with.as a mother you constantly need to search your soul for strength and learn more in the process.

This post is a part of the blog train- 2 started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies where she has brought together mothers from across the globe. Do read her blog post on How Motherhood has changed me – http://www.themumsandbabies.com/2017/09/how-motherhood-has-changed-me/ and more on the blog train here.
I want to thank Mamtha Dilip of   http://allaboutmommying.com for introducing me and I invite the lovely Disha Bandhari to board the train with me to share her valuable views on the same.
Disha is a photographer,blogger,entrepreneur and an amateur everything.Mother of an 11 month old baby girl virtually popular as #BabyHashtag .Disha is a fairly funny person but she is also her biggest critic which is why she is pretty hard on herself.Being a mum has changed her personality a lot.head over to her blog tomorrow to read how.
Read Here: http://www.hashtagdisha.wordpress.com


Do you have sleepless nights with your baby?Does your baby have trouble in sleeping? Well who doesn’t have? All moms especially new moms know exactly what i am talking about. Here are some of the things i followed to get some sleep myself and my baby to have a routine and full night undisturbed sleep.Sleep is my spirit animal and i cant even dream of losing it over my baby..ter r so many books on how to put a baby to sleep around 50 million of them i guess..i really don’t know how that phrase “sleep like a baby” came up…really? seriously?

If you are like me, you would have probably researched all possible parenting resources to get your baby to sleep well .Welcome to” Less Sleep But SleepLover Parents Club”.

When my son was born, I didn’t know anything about making my baby sleep, thank god in India we are with our moms after delivery until three months.But everything changed after i shifted back with my hubby .That very night i called my mom , she advised me to rock the baby in my arms until he would drift off…it was easy in the beginning  then things started to change, i would rock him for 30 mins to get him to nap for 30 minutes!It was so exhausting and my back started giving away. This is when i started reading baby sleep books, talked to my friends about it but all ended up in rocking the baby to sleep thing.This method was not possible for me anymore as my back pain increased and i was getting angry every time i tried to make him sleep..so i started trying different methods to get him to sleep.Then finally at around his 5th month i had a routine which helped.

These are the few steps i followed to get my baby to sleep full night


Let ur baby distinguish day and night:

Let some rays inside your room during day sleep.Babies who sleep in natural light during day adapt faster to the 24 hour time cycle than those who sleep in artificial indoor lights.

Step 2

Watch for baby sleep cues:

like yawning, rubbing ears or eyes, slower movements, crying, too clingy, etc

Step 3

Stop tiptoeing around

Go ahead with your routine  work and do not reduce voice or make the house noise proof. by going about your normal day baby starts to get used to the fact that daytime is activity time, while night is rest time{this doesnt mean that u should have a rock concert at home when baby is asleep}.

Step 4

Dim lights at night

By three to four months babies produce sleep hormones, so with lights on makes it difficult for them to fall asleep as light can suppress the hormones.So atleast two hours before bedtime reduce babys light exposure.Its healtheist for babies to sleep in complete darkness, but its advisable to put a dim nursery light just to keep an eye on the baby at night.

Step 5

Establish a routine.

This will make it easier for you and the baby  on the long run.Establish the same routine, start with the same thing, same order everyday. Once the baby gets the hang of this, baby will himself or herself start preparing to sleep at the same time. I have penned down the Tips to bedtime routine below.

Step 6

Teach baby to self soothe.

Whether you like to rock the baby to sleep or sing lullabies put them to bed at night when baby is drowsy and almost sleepy and not when they are fully active. If baby starts crying whisper long shhhh sound in the ear, rhythmically but lightly pat him on the upper back, still baby doesn’t calm , then pick up the baby, soothe until drowsy,then put down. Repeat previous steps if necessary until baby is asleep.


Be Consistent

Dont be discouraged if it doesnt work right away.Stick to the routine.give this method time to work and i am sure it will.Once this is established both baby and you wil have undisturbed good night sleep.





Everything about Morning sickness / vomiting in pregnancy

About three-quarters of pregnant women have mild vomiting in pregnancy.
Pregnancy related vomiting are classified into two types depending upon the severity.

1.Simple Vomiting or milder type(morning sickness)

2.Hyperemesis gravidarum or severe type


🌸This is seen in 50 percent of the pregnant women, usually associated with nausea and occasional sickness on waking up in the morning.

🌸 Sometimes it can occur throughout the day also.

🌸Usually it does not cause any health impairment in mother or baby nor does it restrict normal activities.

🌸Disappears with or without treatment by 12 to 14 weeks.

🌸High levels of Hcg, Estrogen and altered immunological state are responsible for the vomiting.

🌸Stress is also one cause.


🌸It’s a severe type of vomiting in pregnancy.

🌸It has got deleterious effect on the mother and it restricts her day-to-day activities.

🌸Usually common in 1 st pregnancy .

🌸Usually limited to 1 st trimester

🌸Familial history is seen…usually mother or siblings have had in their pregnancies

🌸If present once , then usually continues in the next pregnancies too.

🌸Common in unplanned pregnancy

🌸Seen in multiple pregnancy

🌸Exact cause not know , once the vomiting starts other neurogenic factors and elements aggravate the state.Factors like hormonal, psychogenic,dietary deficiency, allergic or immunological  and decreased gastric motility may be responsible.

🌸If not rectified promptly this condition can turn fatal .

🌸Management is usually hospitalization and further treatments with iv infusions , antiemetic drugs etc.

🌸In intractable HYPEREMESIS termination of pregnancy is rarely indicated.


🍞 Do not skip breakfast, eat a toast or a biscuit  in bed itself.

🛌Get up slowly in the morning, sit on the bed for sometime.

🍝Eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of larger meals.

🍪Dont go more than 3 to 4 hours without snacks.

🍚Whole Grains: complex carbs are easy on the intestine for digestion plus fibre tend to hold on to water keeping stools soft and hence prevent constipation too.

🍹Stay Hydrated. The more dehydrated you become the more nauseated you will feel.

🍪Simple Snacks:Small snacks such as crackers , biscuits, dried fruits, yogurt, oatmeal,nuts are perfect to nibble on and stave off nausea.

🍋Lemon:squeeze it in water , sniff, or you suck, lemon eases morning sickness. you can have it in tea too.

🥖Ginger:Studies have shown ginger can help soothe nausea. its been used for the same since 100s of years.Try adding ginger in water or tea, sip ginger ale or snack on ginger slice,  ginger bread or mints in between meals.

🍎Fresh Fruits:Water rich fruits provide ample dose of vitamins and fibres and even keep you hydrated.  Berries , kiwi,apple,citrus and melons are some of them.

🍲Soups And Bone Broth:These provide nutrients like collagen and electrolytes and keep you hydrated.

🌜Take your vitamins and supplements at night or with snacks rather than mornings.

🛌Take naps

🚶‍♀️Go for walks

🛏Do not lie down immediately  after meal .

🍔🍟Avoid fatty foods,  junk food etc

Keep your stomach full.

🎎Practice yoga.

🛌Sleep early.

💨Get cool stay cool. staying in Ac can do magic. use an ice pack to help otherwise.

🌸If vomiting persists , you feel exhausted , vomit blood, you feel dizzy do not wait , consult a doctor.







Do u want to be that awesome parent that your kids friends envy? Do you want your kids to love you more and want to bond and spent time with you more and more each day?Do you want to be your kids favourite person? if yes,then just take this 30 days parenting challenge and be the beautiful parent you always wanted to be.

Parent-child relationship is a beautiful one but yet so complex .Each day we as parents are thrown with new challenges and barriers and it becomes difficult sometimes to keep the bond and connection in this parent child relationship.Each we need to grow and bond more with our kids o make them feel secure and loved.Being a parent especially a mother it’s not easy, every child looks upon the mother for everything and we as mother’s need to balance everytning.good parenting is even more difficult for working  mothers.

Personally being a first time mom,I quit my job to be a hands on mom as i wanted to be there for my son in every step of his life. I watched his every milestones ,i watched him eat , play, sleep, even poop…i was there. initially it was great ,but slowly i was getting bored(oops did i just write that??), yes i was getting tired sitting at home as my enthusiasms was less , i was going gaga over everything my son does… at one point i even realised i was boring for my son too!!! that realisation hit me hard. I never wanted to be that boring mom i became. I didn’t want my son to have another favorite person.I wanted to connect and bond with my son each growing day but at the same time i did not want to be bored. So i got lots of books on parenting and searching the web i made a 30 day challenge for being an awesome fun parent.

Try taking this simple challenges and see how awesome your kid will feel and loving you more each day more than the other.

  • Hug ,Hug,Hug yor kids at least 10 to 15 times daily.
  • Cook or bake together with your kids.Let them break the eggs or clean the utensils.Trust me both of you have lots of fun and bonding(I know, it’s going to be hard cleaning the kitchen).
  • Go for a nature walk together.
  • Have a no talking contest.
  • Go an entire day without raising your voice.
  • Put on the music and have a dance party.
  • For book time ,read a joke book together.
  • Go off all the electronics today’listen to what ever your kid is talking.
  • Build a blanket fort.
  • Go to the zoo.
  • Watch a movie together.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Take pictures today.
  • Paint with watercolors .
  • Go stargazing .
  • Wash the car.
  • Do a puzzle.
  • Say “yes” today.
  • Have carpet picnic in the living room today.
  • Show the kids all the silly faces you can make.
  • Give them a cape and tell them” you are my superhero”.
  • Spin in circles today.
  • Pick flowers.
  • Make paper airplanes.
  • Leave love notes for them to find.
  • Draw a smily face on their big toe .
  • Have a pillow fight.
  • Sing a song together.
  • Tell them about your childhood days.
  • Show them their photos and keepsakes. Let them know their every moment maters to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             03753a4a7af04c7c5dbfa3e83290477f.jpg                                                                                                                                                        
  • Take this challenge mommies and do tell me how it went and how your kids  loved   you more!!                                                                                                                             




Do you want to know if it’s a boy or girl early in your pregnancy???

I am sure every mother to be wants to know who is inside her? boy or a girl?what to call him or her?whether its a boy or girl it doesn’t make the blessings less smaller or bigger.During my pregnancy I was too curious to know if it was a girl or a boy…In India it’s not legal to reveal babies gender during the pregnancy check ups, so we basically depend on the old wives tales to guess what the baby may be. I had read lots of books and even searched the web regarding the same and the old wives tale for gender reveal seems to be almost the same throughout the world.The ring test is fun too…any mom to be must try it…

Here are some of the old wives tales i heard from my ammamma(grandma) and my amma(mother).

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