hi…WELCOME to my  blog.. thanks for stopping by and taking time to read..i am sure you would want to know about the person behind this blog.


Thats us

I am Dr.Dhanya….i am a doctor by profession.I am a wife to my amazing husband ‘P’and a happy mommy to an 8 month old baby boy.My husband and i live in Kannur , a small town in Kerala , India with our little rainbow son ‘R’,whom we love to pieces….we also have a fur baby named Joey (yes , named after our fav character ♡Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S).Its funny ..when i need to pen down something about myself , my mind goes blank,crazy as i usually keep talking non-stop about myself , my family, shopping, beauty, fashion,places, movies, shoes, makeup, clothes, nature , politics,celebritygossips..blah..blah..blah ..anything under the sun,until the listeners ears bleed…i have my opinion for anything and everything.i love shopping, reading,travelling and occasionally cooking( that comes once in a blue moon though!) i love creating memories and believe in living life to the fullest.i still believe in fairies and the far far away lands..  enjoys disney cartoons..Enid Blyton books..maybe the little girl inside me still peeks once in a while..Any day any time i would love to curl up and watch Tv series( always F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)  or read a book.

I had a very difficult pregnancy life…three pregnancy with one rainbow baby boy with us and two angel boys in heaven. I was on complete bed rest.My outlook towards life changed after my two losses..its the little things in life that makes us stronger and teach us to respect every small and big gifts from God. 

i am so very thankful to the Almighty and people around me for making my life so amazing…

This blog  is a little peek into our little  messy crazy family life, an exploration of joy , ups and downs, how to find happiness im small things and wonders of motherhood.i am very passionate about motherhood and this blog is a reflection to that…this is about a mothers life, her thoughts, tips , styles and everything motherhood related…

If you are ever interested in any specific  topic under the sun that you would like to discuss here please shoot me an email…i would love to hear from you

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