Grandparents – A Blessing For All

“Grandparents are someone with silver in their hairs and gold in their hearts”



How lucky are those who got to spent some time with their grandparents?I was half lucky in this.I had seen both my maternal grandparents and my paternal grandma. I was in fact very attached to my maternal granddad before he passed away when i was in my 9th std.He is still my idol.I always wished he had seen my son or my son was as lucky as me to have  met him.he was the most caring, giving gentleman i have ever met.i still tell my hubby …if my granddad was there, things would be so much different now.etc etc.

My son Riaan shares a special bond with both his maternal and paternal grandparents, which i feel is a real blessing for him and us.




I sometimes feel  jealous when i see what my son enjoys being around his grandparents…its a feeling of being so much-loved and cared for…something which only grandparents can give.Grandparents are pillars of a family.They bind the older generation to the younger generation.


I have so many memories of my grandparents role in my life but did i really appreciate it  enough at that time?May be not, But now i really cherish the relationships i had with them.My grandparents have enriched  my life in many ways.They helped in adding depth to my life , understanding what life really is..life is a circle….understanding my traditions, my roots etc.

I always believed having a grandparent around to watch over your child is ablessing.so much of support . love and understanding you ll get from nowhere else.

What grandchild receives from his relationship with his grandparents

  • Gets unconditional love and care: grandparents love is lot more simpler, warmer and cozier and less complicated than that of the parents love.
  • someone the parents can always trust to leave their child with:i personally only trust Riaan grandparents are the best people to take care of him when i am not around.
  • someone to talk to: now a days parents are too busy to listen to all their kids issues etc,that is where the grandparents come to rescue.Child feels very secure and safe to discuss any personal issues with the grandparents.
  • companionship
  • someone to stand beside him: no matter what mistakes or mischiefs the child does, it’s the grandparents who ll stand by the child.
  • family traditions: traditions are worth preserving and grandparents help a lot in passing on the family traditions to the grand child.they give the child a family identity that he can relate to.
  • learns about his parents childhood:hearing stories about parents childhood gives a better idea of your roots .
  • mentor to solve all his problems: as grandparents are more relaxed and stress free they have more patience to teach the kids , listen to their problems and solve them too..
  • wealth of real life experience to share: grandparents will have a huge store of stories from their lives to tell their grandchild… stories of tradition, love , hardship, friendship, success, failure etc . Each story gives the child a new perspective to look at things. The child learns from their lives.
  • Bridging the gap between old any younger generation:the gap between the old and new generation is the main reason for misunderstanding between the two age groups which leads to a social division in the society . Only if a child has a good relationship with his grandparents will he be able to build a stronger understanding  and respect for one another.


Grandparents are very important in our lives for imbibing great values in our kids.Latest research says its the best having a grandparent around the child which influences the physical and mental health of the child .

Grandparents are indeed a blessing for the child and everyone around.


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