Everything about Morning sickness / vomiting in pregnancy

About three-quarters of pregnant women have mild vomiting in pregnancy.
Pregnancy related vomiting are classified into two types depending upon the severity.

1.Simple Vomiting or milder type(morning sickness)

2.Hyperemesis gravidarum or severe type


🌸This is seen in 50 percent of the pregnant women, usually associated with nausea and occasional sickness on waking up in the morning.

🌸 Sometimes it can occur throughout the day also.

🌸Usually it does not cause any health impairment in mother or baby nor does it restrict normal activities.

🌸Disappears with or without treatment by 12 to 14 weeks.

🌸High levels of Hcg, Estrogen and altered immunological state are responsible for the vomiting.

🌸Stress is also one cause.


🌸It’s a severe type of vomiting in pregnancy.

🌸It has got deleterious effect on the mother and it restricts her day-to-day activities.

🌸Usually common in 1 st pregnancy .

🌸Usually limited to 1 st trimester

🌸Familial history is seen…usually mother or siblings have had in their pregnancies

🌸If present once , then usually continues in the next pregnancies too.

🌸Common in unplanned pregnancy

🌸Seen in multiple pregnancy

🌸Exact cause not know , once the vomiting starts other neurogenic factors and elements aggravate the state.Factors like hormonal, psychogenic,dietary deficiency, allergic or immunological  and decreased gastric motility may be responsible.

🌸If not rectified promptly this condition can turn fatal .

🌸Management is usually hospitalization and further treatments with iv infusions , antiemetic drugs etc.

🌸In intractable HYPEREMESIS termination of pregnancy is rarely indicated.


🍞 Do not skip breakfast, eat a toast or a biscuit  in bed itself.

🛌Get up slowly in the morning, sit on the bed for sometime.

🍝Eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of larger meals.

🍪Dont go more than 3 to 4 hours without snacks.

🍚Whole Grains: complex carbs are easy on the intestine for digestion plus fibre tend to hold on to water keeping stools soft and hence prevent constipation too.

🍹Stay Hydrated. The more dehydrated you become the more nauseated you will feel.

🍪Simple Snacks:Small snacks such as crackers , biscuits, dried fruits, yogurt, oatmeal,nuts are perfect to nibble on and stave off nausea.

🍋Lemon:squeeze it in water , sniff, or you suck, lemon eases morning sickness. you can have it in tea too.

🥖Ginger:Studies have shown ginger can help soothe nausea. its been used for the same since 100s of years.Try adding ginger in water or tea, sip ginger ale or snack on ginger slice,  ginger bread or mints in between meals.

🍎Fresh Fruits:Water rich fruits provide ample dose of vitamins and fibres and even keep you hydrated.  Berries , kiwi,apple,citrus and melons are some of them.

🍲Soups And Bone Broth:These provide nutrients like collagen and electrolytes and keep you hydrated.

🌜Take your vitamins and supplements at night or with snacks rather than mornings.

🛌Take naps

🚶‍♀️Go for walks

🛏Do not lie down immediately  after meal .

🍔🍟Avoid fatty foods,  junk food etc

Keep your stomach full.

🎎Practice yoga.

🛌Sleep early.

💨Get cool stay cool. staying in Ac can do magic. use an ice pack to help otherwise.

🌸If vomiting persists , you feel exhausted , vomit blood, you feel dizzy do not wait , consult a doctor.