Every mom in town carries wet wipes with them in their diaper bags . Wet wipes has become so important that no mother leaves home with the baby without wipes in the bag.With endless diapers to change the right baby wipes are important purchase for parents everywhere.

Personally I cant survive a single day without wet wipes. I use them when my baby poops, vomits,spits out food, gets his hands dirty etc. I even use them to clean my hands when i am outside, i sometimes remove my makeup with it too,even i clean my phone too….i practically use them for all cleaning purpose.So I use around 2 pack of wipe in one week.Until now i havent thought how much i use this stuffs. so imagine how many moms like me are there around the world who uses wet wipes on daily basis and tosses them off.we only know till we toss it off at home…what excatly happens after that.???

Most of the Wet wipes are really bad for the environment and human health.Wet wipes are disposable but do not magically disintergrtae.Do you know they contain plastic fibres that are not biodegradable. we use them and toss them…but they are simply shuffled off somewhere else , out of sight and it end up creating havoc in the enviromnent.Do you know what happens to animals when they eat these plastic fibre containing wipes ….yes they die!!!I cant imagine for the past one year i have been contributing to this environmental havoc too!!!! I feel so guilty.

wet wipes also contain preservatives and fragrances which are harmful for the soft sensitive baby skin.

So do we stop using wet wipes completely???or do we make wipes at home with fennel cloth??is it really convienent to do that?? for me it’s not!! I cannot live without wipes especially when i take my baby outside.i cant even make wipes at home and wash and scrub it clean the next day, or how can we use a cloth wipe when outside and since you wont dispose it , you will have to carry it back home and wash it..how awakaward and inconvenient it is.

But now you don’t have to make wipes at home nor you have to stop using them because INDIA’S FIRST ORGANIC BAMBOO BASED WIPES BY MAMAEARTH IS AVAILABLE NOW.How great is this??


What I liked about mamaearth baby wipes:

  • It comes in a cute white blue package .I loved the lil owl in the front.

  • it comes with a resealable lid, which keeps the wipes moist and fresh after opening

  • Its MedSafe certified.
  • Its hypoallergenic  and pediatrician tested.
  • 100% organic bamboo cloth,hence no rashes.. it’s so soft in texture and it has the right amount of wetness not too dry nor too soapy.
  • Its enriched with natural toxin free organic extracts including  vitamin E , Shea Butter, Almond oil and Aloe vera.
  • Its earth and environment friendly. Its biodegradable.
  • The wipes are thick and more absorbent.
  • It can be used on face, bum and hands.
  • Price is pocket friendly too . Its Rs 249 for 72 wipes/1 pack that s Rs 3.45 per wipe.

MY EXPERIENCE :I have been using mamaearth wipes since a week and i loved it. It is easy to use, soft texture and the right amount wetness and moisture makes it easy to clean. The fragrance is fresh which is also one major aspect i look at when buying wipes. No rashes or allergic reactions when used. I dont feel guilty now in using lots of wipe as this is degradable.

My rating: 10/10

Will I recommend: Yes i Totally recommend. Its baby safe and environment safe too.

Where to buy: FirstCry :http://www.firstcry.com/m/Mama-Earth/mamaearth-bamboo-based-baby-wipes-72-pieces/1717685/product-detail?sterm=Mamaearth%20wipes&spos=2&sstock=1

To know more: http://www.mamaearth.in